Guangzhou running for National Key Football Development CityUpdate:2021-11-03 11:56:24     Source: CGT Artificial Turf

CGT has been a strong advocate of the national policies in football development and made continuous efforts in building more high-quality pitches of artificial turf.


In the “Fourteen Five-year Sports Development Plan” recently published by General Administration of Sport (GAS), it is clearly stated that some cities will be selected to be the key areas for football development, aiming to increase the popularity of football activities. Guangzhou, as a city with heated passion for football and well-developed sport infrastructure, is actively running for this campaign. The inspection team of GAS visited Guangzhou during October 25 to 27 for onsite investigation, especially the football pitches in schools and training fields for teenagers.

CGT has always been an active advocate of the national and local policies in sport development. In the recent years, CGT has built a number of football fields for universities, schools and early-education institutions across the country, using artificial turf with high quality and eco-friendly materials. 

On case in particular is the football field at Guangzhou Fettes College with FIFA QUALITY PRO certification. The CGT-X artificial turf has soft and resilient blades, together with Schmitz shockpads, which greatly enhance sport experience and safety performance, allowing the children to run freely on the field and enjoy the fun of football.

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