CGT Supplied and Installed the Artificial Soccer Field at HKUST(GZ)Update:2022-06-29 14:56:15     Source: CGT Artificial Turf

Top-quality artificial turf for top-quality education!


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is a top-ranking university in Asia. Its new campus in Guangzhou is under vigorous construction. Once established, it will surely be a shining star in the academic and technological advancement of the Greater Bay Area.

CGT is honored to serve this esteemed education institute. The synthetic football turf uses high-Dtex diamond-shaped fibers to ensure durability and wear resistance. Its excellent shock absorption and softness will allow athletes and students to run and play freely on the turf without worries of knee injuries or skin abrasion. 

For many years, CGT has supplied and installed turf surfaces for schools and universities, aiming to bring children and young people to various sports and activities. With such purpose, we have made continuous efforts and investments in research and development to improve player safety and the sporting performance of our products. To learn more about our football turf options, please visit

Let’s take a sneak peek at this fantastic pitch at HKUST(GZ)!

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CGT Supplied and Installed the Artificial Soccer Field at HKUST(GZ)

Top-quality artificial turf for top-quality education!… [Know More]



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