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On the morning of March 2nd,a batch of directional donated medical materials with a total value of more than 300,000 yuan (including 25,000 disposable medical masks,25,000 packets of anti-bacterial and disinfecting wipes) were sent out from Guangzhou to Shishou City, Hubei Province,using four full trucks. Supporting the people in Shishou fight against the novel coronavirus!


However,the successful donation of these caring medical material is not to come by easily at this critical moment.As the chairman and general manager of CGT, Mr. Cheng Donglai,who is also the vice chairman of Hubei chamber of Commerce,Guangdong province,and the executive vice chairman of Hubei Shishou chamber of Commerce,Guangdong province.Though he is in Guangzhou, he is still concerned about the epidemic situation of his hometown, Shishou,Hubei province and learns that relevant hospitals and educational institutions over there are in urgent need of medical and epidemic prevention materials.



In order to make a contribution to the people in need,He urgently linked multiple channels and various connections,and successfully obtained more than 300,000 yuan of materials donated by Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation of Guangdong province and Guangdong Indoor Sanitary Association for Shishou, Hubei Province, which provided the most practical support for Shishou, to win the epidemic prevention and control resistance war.


This successful material donation is not the first charity of CGT. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, CGT has actively exerted its corporate spirit and extensive advantages. In addition to caring donations and voluntary services, CGT has successively bridged caring enterprises and caring entrepreneurs with local governments in a critical situation,and has successfully contributed to a number of charitable donations of materials.It is hoped that will cheer up medical staffs and work together in this way.Unite as one, fight against the epidemic,you and I side by side,fight with all our strength!

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CGT continues to support loving donation

On the morning of March 2nd,a batch of directional donated medical materials with a total value of more than 300,000 yuan (including 25,000 …… [Know More]

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