CGT got recognized by two sport associations


CGT is recognized by China Sporting Goods Federation and Hubei Sports Facilities Construction Association.

01. China Sporting Goods Federation

The first plenary session of the second session of the Artificial Turf Committee of China Sporting Goods Federation was held in Beijing on December 10. As a leading enterprise in the artificial grass industry, Mr. Xu Liang, the Chairman & Executive Vice General Manager of CGT, attended the conference as a representative.


At the conference, all the members of the committee unanimously passed the vote,CGT was elected as the chairman of the committee in 2020. Mr. Xu Liang, as the rotating director of the artificial grass professional committee in 2020

02. Hubei Sports Facilities Construction Association

Hubei Sports Facilities Construction Association's second session of the first general assembly and council session was held in Hubei on December 12. Mr. Cheng Donglai, the Chairman and General Manager of CGT, attended the conference as a representative.

At the conference, CGT was elected as the Association's Vice President by virtue of its strong brand, Cheng Donglai was elected as the Association's Vice President.



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CGT got recognized b…

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