CGT Turf Protection Floor Had Been Used In Tayu Lo’s Concert Update:2019-07-01 16:18:49     Source: CGT Artificial Turf


Tayu Lo’s concert "young people who left home" tour has set sail again, returning to Beijing after a year and a half. It had held in Beijing workers' stadium on 8th, June.


Tayu Lo, the music godfather In China and even in Asia, he had created many popular kinds of music and get many awards. Such as Best original film song at the Hong Kong film awards, Best original film song at the golden horse awards in Taiwan and so on.  


This concert is special choose on Beijing worker’s stadium, to show a more ambitious performance effect. More than 30, 000 viewers are feeling Tayu Lo’s music resonance.


As the home field of Chinese super league football club Beijing Guoan, Beijing worker’s stadium is cover 350 thousand square meters, it has held different big events, including big concerts, all kinds of sports match, corporate promotion and exhibitions and so on.

CGT turf protection floor was proud to be used in this big concert to protect grass from damage. As the surface protection system of Beijing worker’s stadium, CGT turf protection floor committed to protecting natural grass and artificial turf, keep the natural grass and artificial turf safe and sound as before, and make the every grand meeting personality.



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