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So you’ve said goodbye to mowing, scarifying and fertilizing. You have more time to spend lounging in the sun during the summer months, and your dog isn’t being told off for scratching the turf bare. You’ll still need to take to clean artificial grass in order to maintain the appearance of your lawn.


If you have pets that enjoy the outdoors, or trees surround your lawn, you may find that you need to clean the grass on a more regular basis. That being said, rain does a pretty good job of washing away any minimal surface dirt!


CGT's advice is here as a guideline – each lawn environment is different so different levels of care will be needed depending on the surroundings and how much the lawn is used. However, our top tip is to clean little and often rather than letting the dirt brew.


1. Weekly Artificial Lawn Care


During the summer months, you may find yourself needing to give your lawn a little more TLC. On a weekly basis, simply use a hose to freshen up the appearance of the pile or you could opt for artificial Grass Cleaner that can be used on all types of artificial grass.


2. Monthly Lawn Care


After a while, artificial grass can get flat and matted so it is also advisable that once a month you brush up the pile of your lawn with a range of Artificial Grass Electric Power Brushes.


3. Ditch The Debris


As an underlying rule with artificial lawn make sure to keep the lawn clear of leaves. If they start to decompose on the lawn, this will be more challenging to clean, may also affect the fibres of the grass and trigger moss growth. Using a leaf blower or vacuum is a simple and effective way to clear the lawns surface.


4. Get Rid of Urine and Faeces Odour in Artificial Grass

If you are a pet owner, you may be worried about how to clean up after they have done their business! But have no fear! The majority of artificial lawns are all-permeable and so will allow any liquid to pass through easily. For solid waste, use the traditional poop scoop or doggy bag and rinse down with a hose afterwards. The artificial grass will also not lose colour as natural grass does. You can also rest assured that no muddy paw prints will make it into your home after your pet has visited the garden, so that will be one less thing you’ll have to clean up!


If the smell persists, you’ll need to apply turf to deodorise the area, as it will absorb the smell of the urine. Some have had success by using baking soda over the affected areas or spraying a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water on the area to dissolve the baking soda.

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